The perils of the last days are upon us. Devote not precious time in trying to convince those who would change the truth of God into a lie. Proclaim the third angel's message. Bear a straightforward, clear-cut message.  {2SAT 282.4}


     These words I was speaking before a perplexed company just before I called upon them to take their stand on the right side. If someone chooses another position, let him alone. Labor for the class of people who have never had the evidences of truth. So long as men hold fast to men, and believe men in the place of the Word of God, you cannot help them. You are working against principalities and powers, as is represented in Ephesians.  {2SAT 282.5}


     Receive the truth; stand in the truth. Whoever chooses to pursue the course marked out in the scriptures regarding those who shall depart from the faith, cannot be helped by you. All your reasoning will be as idle tales. They have been warned, and further words are useless, for you are meeting Satan through human agencies.  {2SAT 283.1}


     Take the banner of truth and hold it aloft, higher and still higher. The Lord calls for faithful minute men. Go into the cities that need the truth as we have taught it for years. No one feature of our faith is changed, and the unbelievers in our cities need to hear the last message of warning.  {2SAT 283.2} 


     It is Satan's plan to produce these variances to keep the mind on dissensions and Satanic problems until the last woe shall have come upon the world. Our time is too precious now to be lost through confusion. Every step we have taken is recorded in the past messages given. Repeat these things to the world.  {2SAT 283.3}