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Seven Trumpets, The Fifth; The First Caliph of the Saracens.—He [Mahomet] was like a star that fell from heaven (Rev. 9:1), a bright and illustrious prince, as if heaven-endowed, but fallen. Would anything better characterize the genius, the power, and the splendid but perverted talent of Mohammed? Mohammed was, moreover, by birth, of the princely house of the Koreish, governors of Mecca, and to no one could the term be more appropriate than to one of that family.


He was a king. That is, there was to be one monarch-one ruling spirit to which all these hosts were subject. And never was anything more appropriate than this title as applied to the leader of the Arabic hosts.—

"Notes on the Book of Revelation," Albert Barnes (Presbyterian), on Revelation 9, p. 253. New York: Harper & Brothers. {1919, SBBS 508.5} 

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